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: Lomac

A-10A mission: Sudak Fortess
With F-4s as SEAD, execute pin-point strikes on targets within the Fortress near Sudak.
666th Birdy 1
2459 (123kB)
high-scenery mod 'Merzifon' v1.2 (=Beta)
Beta version.
Main additions to v1.1 are more objects in Adler
666th Birdy 1.2 (beta version)
2512 (33.4Mb)
high-scenery mod v1.1
Scenery mod v1.1 for LOFC.
Adds lots of trees and object to the scenery.
666th Birdy 1.1
2369 (39.4Mb)
female tower voice v1
replaces the US voice of the control tower with a female version.
ModMan compatible
666th Birdy 1
2401 (3.7Mb)
high-scenery mod 'Merzifon' v1.1
Same as 'standard' scenery-mod v1.1 but with Raznadolye AB moved to Trukey where it's called Merzifon AB.
modMan compatible
666th Birdy Merzifon 1.1
2290 (56,4Mb)
Train time table v1
An Excel file with a time table of all trains in LOFC.
Enter your mission start time and all arrival times are corrected.
File also shows maps with all railroad tracks
Excellent for planning attack runs.
666th Birdy 1
2561 (3.2Mb)
A-10A mission: Arhiz Hospital
666th Birdy 1
2385 (48kB)
A-10A mission: Bahchisaraj-prison
Bust the POW prison at Bahchisaraj and make sure the escaped POW make it to the LZ safely
666th Birdy 1
2264 (558k)
A-10A mission pack: Snowy Dranda
A few missions in wintertime with Sukhumi as homebase.
666th Birdy 1
2345 (234k)
A-10A mission pack: Trains & planes
a few missions where trains play a vital role (attack & defend missions).
Please refer to the time-table Excel-file also for download
666th Birdy 1
2580 (3,5Mb)