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666th Red Skulls

666th RedSkulls

The 666th Red Skulls was formed in the later part of the 90’s.

The 666th Red Skulls made there name playing EAW.

Then when Oleg brought out IL2 Sturmovik, The 666th Red Skulls moved on to this classical Sim in which it found it self once again on of the most active Squadrons with in the IL2 squads. Then once again Oleg surpassed him self with the release of IL2 Forgotton Battles, the 666th Red Skulls moved onto this, as did most squads.

Then 2005 members of the 666th Red Skulls disbanded leaving only few members left flying, these Are 666th Lange 666th Rwolf, 666th RZero and the new boy 666th H3dSh0t