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51 Recce Regiment, 666th Black Brigade
51R first took to the battlefields in 1998 in the first of the Tom Clancy Raven Shield Series, by the start of 1999 the 51DF were born and took to Nova Logics Delta Force 2 which would see tremendous growth for Ground Operations within the 666th but also mass exodus from either impatient or power hungry members, this would happen many times through out the history of 51R.
Nova were on a roll and by 2000 had released Delta Force Land Warrior closely followed by Delta Force Task Force Dagger & Blackhawk Down,this saw the Ground Operations form into 52D, covering DF2 who launched the very successful due to participating Squads/Clans of the
Black Flag League
for Search & Destroy with 51D covering BHD. 2001 saw due to depleted numbers the joining of 51D & 52D to form 5SFR,
but with so many new battlefields this would be short lived as members split into Call of Duty, Raven Shield, Command and Conquer and many other variants of Battlefield.

Hard core members stuck by the 666th and continued to wear the 51R Tag on which ever battlefield suited but these were minimal numbers and would see no league or tourney activity. In 2006 the design and development of the future of the 666th Black Brigade and its Ground Operations would be moved forward under new leadership and stronger ties with its core members, initially it found itself concentrating again to much on one sim Delta Force Joint Operations Escalation and suffered from its historical past for this, however, with a stronger core and more determined leadership would put 51R in a number of battlefields of which today sees it moving in a steady pace of growth and development in Americas Army, C&C, DOW, RSSix3, JO:E IC to name a few. 51R are determined to not hold itself to one sim but grow and develop in Sims of its members choosing. A Special thanks to one man for making this all possible must go to RZero for the building of burnt bridges, diplomatic resolution and strong leadership. We must also include a thank you to the very core and structure that makes the future so bright, Savage, Scorpion, Angel, Rage & of course the support and assistance from our flight personnel Lange & RWolf.