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G-Ops Trade Badges

   Trade Title Requirement
Sniper Proficient with :-

L115A, M82 Barrett, M24 & SR-25

Rifleman Proficient with :-

M16 & M4 also M203 Attachment

Gunner Proficient with :-

M60, M249 SAW, M240 & M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun

Medic Proficient with :-

M4 & M16 ability to Operate Target Designator

Engineer Proficient with :-

M224 60mm Mortar, FIM-92AStinger, Satchel Charge, AT4 & Javelin

Tank Gunner Proficient with :-

M1A1 Abrams - 120mm smoothbore main gun



Proficient with :-

Target Designator also ability to support as SPOTTER for sniper

Anti-Tank Proficient with :-

AT4, Javelin & M19 Anti-Tank Mine


Sub - Machine Gunner


Proficient with :-

MP5 Silenced, MP5/10 & P90

Mortar Ability to Operate M224 60mm Mortar &

MK19 40mm Grenade Launcher

Driver Ability to Drive & Operate :-

Zodiac, Mark V, LCAC, Amphibious ATV, Armoured Attack Vehicle, 5.5t Truck, Stryker & M1A1 Abrams

Pilot Ability to Fly :-

Little Bird, MH-60 Blackhawk AH-64A & Chinook

Air - Gunner Proficient with :-

M134 7.62mm Machine Gun

Communications Ability to convey to team location of enemy and direct team as required.
Air Defence Ability to destroy Helicopters with the use of Stinger missiles.
Para - Trooper To have demonstrated FULL control
Class ONE To have shown outstanding ability as preferred Character.
Marine Assault


To have used Marine craft to aid in an assault on an Enemy Squad/Clan resulting in objective achieved.
Airborne Assault To have used a Helicopter to aid in an assault on an Enemy Squad/Clan resulting in objective achieved.
Sniper Elite To have completed Elite Testing.
Pathfinder To have shown & demonstrated knowledge of terrain
Master Tradesman To have shown outstanding ability to carry out 3+ Trades.

Fire Team Leader

Ability to lead a group (min 4) as a fire team.

Section Leader

Ability to lead 2 fire teams
Battlefield Commander Ability to Command a battlefield in combat with an Enemy Squad/Clan
Elite To be able to perform a minimum of 2 character selection's and 3 Trade's + Class One
Recruitment To have recruited to active service a minimum of 5 personnel
Weapon Instructor Ability to instruct/teach weapon handling ALL Rifles & Machine Guns to trainee's