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   Badge Award Requirement
Black Star Awarded by those that hold it. Highest Award in the 666th.
Valour Service above and beyond while in combat, awarded by Senior Admin.
Silver Star Exceptional Service to 666th, awarded by Senior Admin.
Bronze Star Outstanding Service to 666th, awarded by Senior Admin.
Impact Awarded by Admin for outstanding action while in or out of combat.
Combat To have taken part in an organised battle representing the 666th. Awarded by Admin.
Service 3y To have served the 666th for 3y. Awarded by Admin.
Service 1y+ To have served the 666th for 1y minimum. Awarded by Admin.
Fighter Trained Staff To have completed fighter Training. Top Pilots may award.
Ground Force Training Instructor Awarded by Admin. Able to teach our operations.
Recruitment To have recruited 5+ members to the 666th. Admin may award
Fighter / Weapons Specialist I To have demonstrated ability to remove enemy aircraft from the sky. To have reached required weapons skills. Senior Admin may award
Bomber / Weapons Specialist II To have demonstrated ability to complete bomb runs. To have reached required standard. Senior Adfmin may award.
Achievement To have attended regular training while in service. Admin may award
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